(i)        Civil Services Coaching:      The declining number of entry into the Civil Services and allied services by the youth from Mizoram is matter of great concern. While Mizoram was once upon a time considered as the hot-bed of civil services aspirants and the success ratio used to be remarkably high, a dull period has set in from the recent years.

In order to regain past glory, the MYC has established Civil Services Coaching classes beginning from June 2009 in partnership with the Lord Krishna IAS Academy, New Delhi. Classes are run in the Government Aizawl College and the intake capacity of students is 100. The subjects being offered are – Philosophy, Sociology, Geography, Public Administration and Political Science. Besides these optional subjects, classes are also being held for General Studies. The students are charged  `5,000 only. (Book Fees `3,000 + Security Deposit `2,000) and they are provided with all the study materials.

(ii)     Awareness Campaign :          This project envisages launching massive campaign throughout the state on such welfare schemes that the Centre and the State governments have been launching from time to time. The rural youth would be made aware of how to avail of the schemes, how to seek redress and how to make optimum use of the schemes. At the same time, the rural youth would be made aware of the ample opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship by way of conducting seminars, workshops and training.

(iii)     Training in Masonry :            Masonry is one area of occupations in which more and more youth should be encouraged to engage themselves. This would also be one concrete measures to arrest the influx of masons and its related labourers from outside Mizoram. There are numerous trained masons in Mizoram but they are very disorganized. Hence, the MYC is in the process of enumerating and registering masons who are bonafide residents of Mizoram. After the exercise is completed, the list shall be submitted to the Government of Mizoram with a request to issue Circular to all the Departments to give preferences to the listed Masons in all works of masonry. A very systematic and comprehensive training would be imparted to the youth who chose masonry as an occupation. A project proposal has been submitted to the Mizoram State Planning Board and the programme will commence as soon as fund is made available.

(iv)      Skill Development Initiative:           The aim of the project is to inculcate certain sets of skill in the youth so that they may be able to engage themselves in gainful economic activities. By developing their inherent talents or by teaching them new skills at par with the prevailing labour market, the problem of unemployment could be solved to a very great extent. The aim is to make our youth employable and to stand up on their own. Proposal for setting up of State Level Skill Development Council along with draft guidance has been prepared and would soon be officially handed over to the Government of Mizoram.

  (vi)    The Commission has launched a website of its own,  namely – www.mycmizoram.net wherein all information pertaining to the Commission is made available. Application forms for various jobs under the State Government and the Centre, etc. are also be pasted which could be downloaded through internet by job seekers from anywhere. The youth could send their queries to the website in the portal allotted for comment and this has proved to be very fruitful in helping out the youth in solving their problems from distance.

 (vii)     The Commission has been interacting with all the stakeholders on matters concerning the youth, these includes – NGOs, functionaries of the Churches, the elders, the intellectuals and the people in general. On the basis of the collective wisdom drawn from these interactions and discussions, a comprehensive Youth Policy shall be formulated. The Youth Policy, as and when formulated, and after due administrative approval is received shall cause to be laid on the floor of the Legislative Assembly and it shall henceforth forms the backbone of all future policies and programme to be undertaken by the Commission in respect of the youth. Rules and regulations of the Mizoram Youth Commission is also at the drafting stage.