Nimin ni 1, December 2022 (Thursday) chawhnu khan Mizoram Youth Commission leh Aryavrat Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Chuan Mizo Nurse-te UK-a registered nurse hna an thawh theih dan tur kawngah MoU an ziak.

Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, Chairman, Mizoram Youth Commission chuan Mizo Nurse te chu India ramah mai pawh nilo, khawvel pumah pawh nurse tha ber berte zing a mi an nih thusawiin hun rei tak ata hlawh sang zawk hlawh tura UK leh hmun danga an thawh theih dan tur kawng an lo dap thin tawh thu sawiin, hetiang a Dr. Shashi Baliyan leh a nupui Dr. Seema Baliyan ten hma an lo lakna an thawhhopui tur hi a lawmawm tak zet a ni tih a sawi. 

Dr. Shashi Baliyan MD&CEO, Clean Medi Health Care chuan a tam thei ang ber Mizo Nurse ten UK-a hna an hmuh theihna turin tanpui an in peih tih a sawi bawk a ni.

MoU hi 1st September, 2022 khan online hmanga lo ziah tawh a ni a, nimin ni 1st December, 2022 (Thursday) tlai lamah khan MoU lo ziah tawh chu in thlengna hun hi MYC Conference Hall, MINECO, Khatla ah neih a ni a. MYC aiawhin, Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, Chairman, MYC in hming a ziak a, Aryavrat Health Care aiawhin Dr. Shashi Baliyan, MD&CEO in hming a ziak a, Pu H. Lalnunzuala, Under Secretary, MYC leh Pi Lalrinmawii Fanai, MOCH ten hriatpuitu ah hming an ziak bawk a ni.

 MYC chuan kumin 2022-2023 chhung hian Mizo Nurse engemaw zat UK-a registered nurse an thawh theihna turin OET Class Coaching (MOCH)-ah sponsorship pein, an exam fee nen Rs. 50,000/- a tumsak mek. MYC leh Aryavrat Health Care ten Agreement an ziah hnuah hian mi pasarih (7) in exam an paltlang tawh a, mi pahnih in OET hi lo paltlang tawhin, heng mite hi Aryavrat Health Care te hian lo la chhawng nghalin UK-ah hna an hmuhsak tawh nghe nghe a ni.

MYC leh Aryavrat Health Care Pvt,Ltd te chuan Nurse mai bakah hetiang lam remchang dangte pawh UK-a thawn luh dan kawng dap chhoh zel nise an ti a, UK mai bakah Australia leh Germany-a Nurse hna thawk tur lakdan tur chungchangte pawh kumthar lamah umzui zel ni se an ti bawk a ni.

Interchange of MoU between Mizoram Youth Commission and Aryavrat.

    On the 1st December,2022 (Thursday) afternoon,

an MoU was signed between MYC and Aryavrat. Health Care Pvt.Ltd 

regarding  job placement of registered nurses to UK.

    Dr. Vanlaltanpuia, Chairman, MYC stated that the  nurses in Mizoram are the best Nurses not only in India but also in other World wide Countries and that MYC has often discussed of the issue of sending nurses abroad/overseas, that is, taking into account the demand of nurses abroad.

    Dr. Shashi Baliyan MD & CEO, Clean Medi Health Care said that they are ready to give their full assistance in sending Mizo Nurses to UK.

    The MoU was signed on online mode on the  1st September, 2022 and an interchange of the MoU was made on 1st December, 2022 (Thursday) evening in the MYC Conference Hall, MINECO, Khatla. Dr.Vanlaltanpuia Chairman, MYC and Dr. Shashi Baliyan MD & CEO signed the MoU on behalf of MYC and Aryavrat Health Care respectively. Mr. H.lalnunzuala, Under Secretary, MYC and Miss Lalrinmawii Fanai,MOCH signed against as witnesses.

    During 2022-2023, MYC will provide sponsorship of Rs 50,000/- to a number of Nurses for attending the OET Coaching Class at MOCH, Dinthar and for the OET examination fee. After the agreement was signed, 7 (Seven) nurses have attempted the OET examination and only 2(two) have successfully passed the exam. They have been handed over to Aryavrat Health Care and they have been offered job opportunity in Uk.

    MYC and Aryavrat Health Care Pvt Ltd has aimed to train and transform the Nurses to be seemlessly fit not only in UK hospitals but also in the Hospital of  Autralia and Germany. A provision of more opportunities will be driven during the coming new Year.